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I am, and always will be a small town girl and yet at the same time I AM the daughter of a King…”the King of Kings.” I’m an encourager who’s passionate, kind, funny and loving; yet at times serious and complex. I love people and nature and have the privilege of I living in a small northern community on Vancouver Island where everyone knows your name. Each day I step out my door I am overwhelmed with the goodness of God. He provides me with amazing opportunities to capture in photo, His Creations. Only He can take my breath away by the beauty of His handiwork (and by the way that also includes us) and this has created a passion in my heart to capture the moments as best I can. . I find joy in a rainbow and peace in a sunset. Wonder with sea lions and exhilaration with whales. I love the simplicity of a forest trail and the spray of a waterfall on my face. Basically I love life and want to capture as much of it as I can to share with others. I never know what tomorrow may bring, but today is a VERY GOOD DAY!